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Happy First Day of Spring!

March 20, 2015 by Wright Outdoor Solutions

Although the weather is not consistently warm, spring officially arrived! The days get longer, the birds chirp, and (hopefully) the last of the snow is melted (and fallen). Soon we revel in blooming flowers, green grass and flowering trees. Some employees at Wright Outdoor Solutions shared what they love about spring.

Rick Eddy, landscape designer said, “It’s been said that some of our most memorable recollections are associated with the sense of smell. When I think of spring, I recall the days I spent cultivating the fields in preparation for planting and the rich organic smell of freshly turned soil.”

General Manager Holly Skoog  shared, “I always look forward to the freshness of spring and the anticipation of what will pop up in the garden. After planting bulbs last fall, it has been fun watching them appear and grow day by day. The Wright Outdoor Solutions grounds are also starting to wake up.  It’s a great time of year to throw open the windows and let the stale winter air out of the house and savor the fresh breeze as it rushes in.”

Seasonal Services Manager Brian Edgar recalled what the transition from winter feels like: “I always have a close eye on silver maples and lilacs to see when the buds start to swell. After I notice them actively growing each week, I know spring is coming. Spotting crocus blooms in the garden also tells me that the dreaded winter is almost over. While snowfall in December is pretty, by February I’m anxious for it to end! Spring always gets my inner gardener excited about homegrown vegetables and new plants I will enjoy seeing in the summer. Last but not least, who doesn’t love stomping and jumping in puddles? Spring is when my kids and I venture out of hibernation, suit up, go outside and find puddles to play in after a rain storm.”

Molly Betts, senior accountant, appreciated getting to come to work every day to such a beautiful setting. “What I look forward to most in spring at the office is seeing things come back to life. Plants and trees begin to turn colors and flowers start to bloom. Seeing these things on a daily basis makes all of us happy.”

What do you most look forward to about this season? Post in the comments section below or in our Facebook post!

Don’t forget that our Garden Center opens up April 17. Stop by to pick up some lovely plants, or even a tree or two! Our Garden Center staff is ready to answer any of your gardening questions.