Protect Your Investment – Winterize New Trees

Blog Category: Tree Care
November 4, 2015 by Jason Brauckman, Account Manager

Trees are a great investment to any home or business. They are not only aesthetically pleasing but provide shade and oxygen as well. Trees have also been known to increase property value and drive sales at businesses. Not to mention they help signify the changing seasons. Thus, the importance of protecting your investments and guarding newly planted trees against the cold winter ahead. Here are some easy ways to make sure you trees are kept safe and healthy this winter:

The most important component to winterizing a new tree is to place a tree guard on them. Herbivorous mammals will sometimes girdle, or remove, the bark and possibly kill the tree. You can use any tree wrap to protect against this, but a rigid plastic wrap is preferable to protect against deer rubbing and hungry rabbits.

To help protect against sunscalding, another winter concern, it is best to choose a rigid white-colored plastic case. The white color helps deflect the sun’s warm rays that can kill a portion of the tree (typically the west side that sees the sun’s warmest rays). Sunny winter days can reach temperatures into the 30s, warming the tree cells and causing a shock to its system when the sun sets and freezing temperatures hit. Cells warmed up throughout the day freeze when temperatures drop, leading to dead tissue, which can weaken the tree structurally. The wound caused by the dead tissue will have a hard time callousing over since the young tree is already stressed from the transplant and working to build growth resources over defensive repair.

After wrapping the tree trunk, consider adding a layer of mulch around the base of the tree. The mulch should extend out around the tree far enough to cover the tree’s root zone. The addition of mulch acts as insulation, helping to reduce evaporation and increase water absorption. Snow can act as an insulator as well, but when frosty temperatures hit with no snow on the ground, mulch is a great backup insulator by keeping the roots warm.

Lastly, if the fall is a dry one, it is especially important to water your newly planted trees to send them into winter hibernation with sufficient hydration. You should continue to water until the ground reaches a hard freeze. The additional water creates another layer of insulation for the roots, helping protect them from extreme winter temperatures.

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