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Personal Gardening

What Is Personal Gardening?

August 30, 2016 by Wright Outdoor Solutions

Did your garden and landscape get away from you this year? If you started out this spring with the best intentions for tackling outdoor work, but didn’t get to it, our personal gardening services were made just for you. Learn more about this service through some frequently asked questions, answered below.


What is personal gardening?

Our personal gardening crews will create and maintain beautiful garden and landscape beds for you to enjoy all season long. Services include seasonal containers, spring and fall clean-up, weeding, watering, pruning shrubs, transplanting or relocating plants, spraying rose shrubs and planting perennials and annuals.


What is spring and fall clean-up?

With spring clean-up, we’ll prepare your garden beds for the upcoming growing season by removing leaf debris from plantings, cutting back bulb foliage as it turns yellow, refreshing mulch, and applying compost to enhance planting beds.Fall clean-up prepares garden beds for winter hibernation by removing fallen leaves, planting fall color, preparing seasonal containers, shutting down water features, and planting bulbs for a jump-start on spring blooms.


Who provides the personal gardening services?

Our personal gardening team includes several Iowa Certified Nursery Professionals, with the knowledge, training and experience to keep your garden healthy and beautiful. Our personal gardening crews generally consist of two gardeners.


How long is a typical personal gardening visit?

Depending on the size and needs of the project, a visit can take between half a day to a full day.


How often should I schedule personal gardening services?

Personal gardening services can be scheduled as often as needed. Our team can visit every two weeks, on-demand for pruning or weeding, or for vacation care and maintenance.


Why should I choose personal gardening?

In addition to the time savings, having an expert on your property regularly means problems can be diagnosed and treated early, shrubs can be pruned for multiple blooms, and plants can be relocated to promote optimal health.


To learn more about our personal gardening services, call 515-987-0800, or request a quote online.