Blooming Beauties On Rotation

Blog Category: Interior Plantscaping
February 15, 2017 by Amy Lenning, Account Manager


Adding just a single blooming plant to an indoor space can fill the space with color and warmth. With the addition of budding plants, your environment blossoms with freshness year round, ensuring you always have something beautiful blooming nearby. Beyond color and texture, indoor plants also lend a vast array of health benefits and purify the air.

We love to fill interior displays with the season’s freshest color through the use of blooming plants and fresh florals. Our Blooming Rotation program provides a fresh pop of color every three weeks for your home or office. Our plant experts rotate a variety of colorful beauties, including begonias, cyclamen, anthurium, mums, crotons, kalanchoe and poinsettias to name a few. Whether you choose a single display or a grouping of plants, the addition of blooming plants is sure to provide plenty of beauty to your space.


Interested in adding a splash of color to your home or office? Our team provides full-service personalized interior plantscaping, including design, installation, plus maintenance services of watering, fertilizing, and pruning. Learn more here, or request a quote.