Landscaping & Maintenance

New Build Landscaping


Relocating from a home with extensive landscaping to a new build, the homeowner wanted to establish a wide range of color and greenery for their new home while keeping maintenance to a minimum. A high composition of clay in the soil required careful plant selection to account for the compact nature of clay. Our plant pallet included many varieties that descend from natives, including several grasses, coneflower and aronia, as well as plants that tolerate damp root conditions such as dogwoods, hydrangeas, itea and carex. Several stone elements were integrated into the design for zero maintenance interest as well. A carefully selected large boulder was placed near the back patio as a focal point and as an additional seat in the event of company. The natural stone boulder anchors the design in a mosaic of colors; buff that matches the limestone edging, shades of rusted oranges and reds, as well as dark browns.