Landscaping & Maintenance

Retaining Wall & Patio Update


A love of existing mature trees was at the heart of this design. Original railroad tie retaining walls around the property were failing, notably the walls holding the patio grading in place, which in turn was causing the concrete to shift and crack. The new design focused on stabilizing the grade and creating a fresh patio space that highlighted their beautiful mature trees.

Natural Iowa Buff stone replaced the old railroad tie retaining walls and Beacon Hill™ Flagstone was set at an angle to create a new patio under the shade of the tree canopy overhead. Plant material needed to thrive under heavy shade conditions, be low maintenance, and deer tolerant. A boxwood hedge was planted for a tidy barrier between the retaining wall and the patio area. A foundation bed along the house was planted with a Japanese maple, boxwoods and shade tolerant perennials to integrate softness and color. A fresh tree well was integrated at the front of the house as well, utilizing the same natural Iowa Buff stone as the back.