Commercial Property Maintenance

Outsource Your Commercial Landscaping Needs

When it comes to your property, we know that a welcoming and polished appearance can mean a lot for your customers, guests and employees. Every landscape requires a customized approach, and we take the time to learn your business so that we can help tailor our service to best meet your needs. We have professionally trained employees, along with safe and reliable equipment and practices, that allow us to serve your business with the highest level of service possible.

Rather than hiring in-house staff to manage your property, Wright Outdoor Solutions is a partner you can rely on to manage your commercial landscape needs. Let us take over the logistics and planning, so you can focus on what’s most important – your business!

Year-Round Commercial Landscape Cleanup

The changing of seasons trigger the need for sprucing up your property. Let Wright Outdoor Solutions prepare for those changing seasons to get the exterior of your business in the best shape possible. Our cleanup service includes the following:

Hard Surface Cleanup

Keep your parking lots, walkways and sidewalks clean and rid of debris, such as leaves, sticks and branches.

Commercial Lawn Service Maintenance

Your lawn is one of the first impressions that customers, guests and employees will have before entering through your doors, so it deserves to have a strategic partner committed to managing it. Make sure your property’s grass is green, lush, healthy and weed-free with routine applications, mowing, trimming and edging. Keep it maintained, manicured and free of debris, including leaves, sticks and branches.

Leaf Removal Services

As leaves begin to fall, they can quickly become overwhelming and unsightly, covering your business’s property. Our team will use leaf blowers, rakes, bagging lawn mowers and leaf plows to tidy up your property and remove those unwanted leaves and other debris, leaving you with an immaculate landscape that will impress customers, guests and employees.

Landscape Beds and Containers

We know the little things really matter when it comes to your business. We’ll take care of them so you can focus on the big things. As the seasons change, your annuals, perennials and shrubs require different care to keep them healthy and looking their best, and the experts at Wright Outdoor Solutions can help! You can trust that our team has the training necessary to keep your gardens and landscaping beds looking neat and beautiful.

Wright Outdoor Solutions is happy to:

  • Plant perennials and annuals
  • Weed
  • Water
  • Prune shrubs
  • Deadhead blooms on annuals and perennials
  • Cut back bulb foliage, ornamental grasses, perennials and shrubs as needed
  • Transplant or relocate plants
  • Spray roses and other shrubs
  • Trim planting beds
  • Remove debris, leaves, sticks and branches

In addition to general upkeep, we can design and install vibrant and impressive plant displays for any seasonal holiday with containers filled with beautiful plant material. Check out some photos of our colorful seasonal displays by heading to our gallery.

Tree Care For Commercial Properties

Your trees deserve the care of a company with the most International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborists in the state of Iowa and more than 85 years of experience in tree care services. Once you’ve selected the perfect trees to complement your property, trust their planting and care to the experts at Wright Outdoor Solutions. Proper planting develops strong root systems from the start, ensuring a healthy and long life for your tree; our team of ISA Certified Arborists will keep your trees strong and healthy from the beginning. We can also remove unwanted trees, prune them, protect them from insects and disease, and clean up after a storm.

Impress With Interior Plants

Just like the outside can make a great first impression, the inside of your business also welcomes and invites your customers, guests and employees. Learn about our interior plantscaping services that add high-quality plant material to your office delivering aesthetic beauty while improving air quality, absorbing pollutants, reducing airborne dust, and absorbing background noise.

Weather Protection

Because Iowa’s weather is unpredictable and swings from one extreme to the next, Mother Nature is often responsible for damage to your property’s landscape. During the winter season, added stress is put on trees and shrubs; frigid temperatures, heavy snow, ice storms and strong winds can threaten their health.

When it comes to your commercial landscaping, it’s important to cover plants and shrubs to protect them from frost and help them survive into the next year. Wright Outdoor’s team of experts can check your property and wrap all necessary trees, shrubs and other plants with burlap to keep them looking and feeling their best. We can also winterize your evergreens with an organic, biodegradable, anti-desiccant spray that will keep them from drying out.

Animal Protection

To help protect your commercial landscape and avoid injury to your trees and shrubs by wildlife, Wright Outdoor Solutions can install deer fencing, tree guards and repellents to deter rabbits and deer from damaging plants or trees. As they mark their territory or look for food during the winter months, both deer and rabbits can cause damage to trees, shrubs and plants. Installing fencing and guards and applying repellent will keep the animals at bay and your investments protected.

Schedule Landscape Maintenance Services for Your Commercial Property

Wright Outdoor Solutions has trained and experienced professional crew members ready to care for your business’s needs year-round. We want to ensure it’s properly managed and cared for so that it’s one less thing you have to worry about. Contact Wright Outdoor Solutions to book services that are right for your office!