Irrigation Systems for Convenient and Efficient Lawn Care from Wright Outdoor Solutions

From the start of spring to the end of fall (and every step in between), the irrigation team at Wright Outdoor Solutions will make your landscape green and lush. An irrigation system allows your lawn to get what it needs to thrive without over- or underwatering, saving you time, water, money and peace of mind in the process. A irrigation system for your property will provide convenience and efficiency no matter the season or size of your landscape – because when you’ve invested in a beautiful landscape, you want to ensure that it’s maintained and protected for long-lasting health.

Spring Start-Up

At the start of spring, the Wright Outdoor Solutions irrigation team is eager to get your property back to the green and luscious landscape it was. We’ll come to your property to complete the start-up for your irrigation system, providing convenience for you and a jump start on the season. Our team will eliminate you having to figure out the system by ensuring that it’s on and running properly and efficiently, preventing any mishaps throughout the year. Upon turn-on, our team will assess the property, making sure that all heads are functioning, adjusted accordingly and run times are appropriate for all areas of the landscape.

Evaluations, Maintenance & Repairs

If an issue arises with your irrigation system, our team of experts is here to help. Upon arriving to your property, we conduct an initial assessment, identify the problem, and find a cost-effective and long-term solution. We’ll work proactively to take care of minor adjustments at the onset so that larger problems don’t arise later. During any maintenance and repair visits, we’ll adjust and/or replace any sprinkler heads that are damaged or have changed course due to the elements. We’ll assess whether run times need to be altered due to improper water distributions from change in plant maturity or rain levels (or lack thereof!). Consistent service, maintenance and repair of your irrigation system from Wright Outdoor Solutions can greatly extend its life.

Backflow Testing & Certification

An important element of owning an irrigation system is ensuring the backflow is properly functioning, which only allows water to flow out and not allowing contaminated water back into your home. Because caring for your lawn often involves fertilizers and chemicals, Wright Outdoor Solutions will come to your property to test the backflow components and ensure they’re in proper working order. We have trained professionals on staff who are up to date on all backflow regulations and specifications and are certified to keep your system in working order so that you can rest easy knowing your home and water is safe. Certification testing is required annually by the state, and after Wright Outdoor Solutions conducts testing, we will file the test results with the proper jurisdiction.


When the temperatures start to cool in late fall and the growing season comes to an end, properly winterizing your irrigation system is an integral step to maintain and protect the system and ensure your investment is safe during the off-season. Our goal is to ensure that no damage is caused by winter temperatures, so we complete this work late fall. Upon arrival, our team will work zone by zone to blow out any water left in the system to prevent freezing over the winter.

Talk to our irrigation experts and get your lawn in shape today! Give us a call at 515.987.0800 or continue learning more about our landscaping and maintenance services and lawn care services.