Mowing, Trimming & Leaf Removal

Lawn Care & Clean Up Services In Des Moines

At Wright Outdoor Solutions, we know how much work goes into taking care of your lawn throughout the year. From keeping it healthy to regular mowing to leaf removal at the end of the season, there’s so much more that goes into the upkeep than meets the eye. We offer regular lawn mowing, trimming, hard surface edging, and leaf removal to keep your lawn clean, healthy, and looking great.


A properly mowed lawn is more than a beautiful lawn; it’s a healthy lawn. Proper mowing discourages weed growth, helps to develop a deeper root system, and ensures greater overall health.

When you schedule mowing services with Wright Outdoor, our crews will visit your property weekly to mow, trim and clean grass clippings from sidewalks and hardscape areas. Our crews mow to a height of just under three inches in the spring and four inches in the summer. Maintaining a taller grass height discourages weed growth and encourages deeper roots, which help your lawn to survive extended periods of drought or heat. Our crews also take care to mow your lawn in patterns perpendicular to the week prior. By mowing in alternating patterns we can reduce compaction.


Once our crews have completed mowing, we will get to work trimming grass along all beds, sidewalks, driveways, and other hardscapes. Finally, we blow off grass clippings that may have collected in your landscape beds or hardscapes.

If you desire a cleaner and sharper line than simple string trimming can provide, you may want to consider hard surface edging.


Hard surface edging, the process of removing overgrown soil and turf from the perimeters of concrete edging and other materials, can give your lawn the crisp and clean look you’ve been after. Utilizing a hard edge machine, Wright Outdoor Solutions crews will cut the soil and turf along the edge of hardscapes. The machine uses a metal blade that spins at a high speed to cut through soil and roots.

While on site, the team will edge all driveways, sidewalks, and curb lines. If debris is minimal, we will blow it back into the turf to return nutrients to your soil. However, if an edge has not been maintained during the previous season, a new edge will need to be cut. This process can result in large amounts of debris, which will be removed from the property.


The fall season can be a lot of fun but can also bring a lot of work. A yard full of leaves can be an overwhelming task to even the most ambitious homeowner! As leaves begin to fall and cover your yard, save yourself time and energy – and aches and pains – by calling Wright Outdoor Solutions. Our team will use leaf blowers, rakes, bagging lawn mowers, and leaf plows to tidy up your yard and remove those unwanted leaves and other debris, leaving you with an immaculate landscape to brag about!

We’ll begin by blowing leaves out from landscape beds and away from building structures. Next, we’ll remove leaves from turf areas and haul them to the edge of the curb. We’ll use a leaf vacuum to collect the large piles of leaves and attempt to remove as many leaves as possible. Although there may be a few stragglers, the small amount that cannot be collected should break down quickly before spring.

Leaf collection should be performed once the majority of your leaves have fallen. Your estimate will be for a single, initial visit to remove leaves from your property. Should additional leaves fall that you’d like removed, an estimate will need to be provided for additional visits.

With all the beauty the fall season brings, you deserve to sit back, relax, and enjoy it and leave the yard work to us. Our state-of-the-art equipment and professional and reliable staff are sure to provide you with the best service available.

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