Experience An Array Of Benefits With Mulch

Whether you are looking to purchase mulch in bulk to do your own landscape work or if you need professional mulch installation, Wright Outdoor Solutions can help. We have a variety of mulch to enhance the look and feel of your outdoor space as well as mulch that will keep your plants healthy and weed-free. All of our mulch products come from locally sourced tree material and are produced on site at our facilities on Raccoon River Drive.

Our Mulch Services


We have several varieties of bulk mulch to choose from, including single processed, double processed, brown, and black colored and certified playground mulch. All of our bulk mulch is available for pick up, delivery and/or installation.


If you have brush, debris, stumps, logs, or branches that you want to get rid of, Wright Outdoor can take care of it. We offer mobile mulch grinding services to convert your wood products into high-quality mulch that you can use around your property and landscaping.


Mulch retains moisture for plants, deters weed growth, and returns nutrients back to the ground when it biodegrades. If you’re searching for a more aesthetic mulch material, we suggest using a finer grade mulch such as our double processed product; it appears neater and biodegrades quickly. If you’re searching for a product that will retain moisture and prevent weeds, we suggest single processed hardwood mulch.

Get High-quality, Locally-sourced Mulch In Des Moines

Whatever your mulch needs are, Wright Outdoor Solutions has something for you. From bulk mulch to mobile grinding, we aim to provide the best mulch from locally sourced tree products in our area. Contact us today to learn more about our mulch services.