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Maintenance & Design

Find All the Landscape Services You Need, Under One Roof

Whether your property is residential or commercial, big or small, we have the resources and expertise to keep it looking well-manicured and managed throughout the year. Our landscape services include seasonal color, spring and fall clean-up and exterior maintenance.

Seasonal Color Rotation

Vibrant colors and impressive plant displays aren’t only for spring and summer enjoyment. With seasonal containers and landscape beds, you can enjoy color year-round at home or the office. Check out some photos of our colorful seasonal displays by heading to our gallery.

Wright Outdoor Solutions can create seasonal displays suitable for any temperature and season. Our crews work April through November, installing displays for winter, spring, summer and fall (fall displays are installed in October and winter displays before Thanksgiving). Seasonal containers are a great way to add color and focal points to entrances, window boxes, flower beds, patios and decks.

Relying on the season for inspiration, we select plants that will complement your space. Containers and landscape beds can host plants with a variety of shapes and colors, and our plant experts will make sure you have a good representation of dimension, height and volume. If you know what you want to incorporate into your seasonal landscape – great! Or, if you’d like to have our team come up with a creative design and select the plants to match the season, we can do that too!

Spring and Fall Landscape Cleanup

Let Wright Outdoor Solutions prepare your home or commercial landscape for the changing seasons. In the fall, we prepare your gardens, landscape beds and lawn for the dormant season ahead. Then, when spring arrives, our team prepares those same areas for another growing season. Our cleanup service includes the following:

Hard Surface Cleanup

Keep your parking lots, driveway, and sidewalks clean and clear of debris, such as leaves, sticks and branches.

Seasonal Lawn Cleanup

Collect debris, including leaves, sticks and branches, removed from lawn areas.

Landscape Beds, Tree Rings and Containers

The team of experts at Wright Outdoor will remove of debris, leaves, sticks and branches around trees and shrubs that have accumulated over the winter season. They’ll also take care of weed removal and spot treatment, as well as cut back perennials, shrubs and ornamental grasses as needed. The team will take the time to clean out annual flower containers and beds to remove boughs, branching and mums. Annual flower containers and beds will be cultivated.

Additional Seasonal Cleanup

In addition to our standard cleanup services, we also offer the following optional services:

  • Apply compost to enhance planting beds
  • Mulch top dressing or mulch installation
  • Plant bulbs for a jump start on spring blooms (takes place in the fall)

Leaf Removal

The fall season can be a lot of fun but can also bring a lot of work. And a yard full of leaves can be an overwhelming task to even the most ambitious homeowner! As leaves begin to fall, covering your yard, save yourself time and energy – and aches and pains – by calling Wright Outdoor Solutions. Our team will use leaf blowers, rakes, bagging lawn mowers and leaf plows to tidy up your yard and remove those unwanted leaves and other debris, leaving you with an immaculate landscape to brag about!

Professional Maintenance

If you desire beautiful gardens and landscaping beds to complement your home, office or outdoor living area, but don’t have the expertise or time to care for them, consider hiring our exterior maintenance crews.

Wright Outdoor Solutions provides:

  • Weeding
  • Watering
  • Shrub pruning
  • Deadheading of spent blooms on annuals and perennials
  • Removal of yellowed bulb foliage by cutting back
  • Plant transplanting or relocation
  • Rose or other shrub sprays
  • Perennial and annual planting
  • Planting bed maintenance, including trimming and removal of debris, leaves, sticks and branches

As the seasons change, your annuals, perennials and shrubs require different care to keep them healthy and looking their best, and the experts at Wright Outdoor Solutions can help! You can trust that our team has the training necessary to keep your outdoor living space and landscaping beds looking neat and beautiful.

Schedule Your Landscape Maintenance Services

Whether you need ongoing, routine care, short-term support while you’re away, or a one-time visit for pruning or weeding, our crews can be scheduled for visits to your property May through September. Call Wright Outdoor solutions to book the service that best fits your needs.