Meet Our Staff

Sales Team

Deb Hammer

Account Manager

In 2017, Deb Hammer joined the Wright Outdoor Solutions team as the Garden Center Supervisor. With a background in design and textiles, outdoor living areas are a chance for her to play with color, texture and composition. She loves to be creative in the garden and change out containers with seasonal displays, especially during the winter season.

Plants evoke a certain memory and nostalgia for Deb. She has a fondness for varying types of grasses because of the way they move and sway in the breeze, reminding her of the prairie grass in South Dakota. Wisteria and hydrangea bring back fond memories of her trips to Nantucket. She also loves to bring cuttings indoors and dry them out for arrangements to enjoy inside. Deb enjoys the sense of preservation of time and place that dried flowers provide.

In her role as an account manager, specializing in our plant rental program, Deb loves connecting with people. She often finds that each client has a story, an experience or a feeling they wish to create for their event. Deb loves the opportunity to help in that process, selecting the right plants for their event, creating artistic designs and displays, and creating a memorable experience along the way.