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Heather Palmer

Landscape Designer

Heather Palmer’s career in the green industry began in 2012 as a florist. It was there that her love of plants, flowers and building client relationships grew into a desire to pursue design on a much larger scale. She pursued a horticulture degree with an emphasis on landscape design at Iowa State University and graduated in 2016.

Upon graduating, Heather joined Wright Outdoor Solutions as an associate landscape designer and transitioned to the role of landscape designer in 2022. She appreciates how artfully designed landscape areas can completely transform a space. From installing pavers for a walkway to selecting plant life to bring color to plant beds, Heather considers form and function in each of her designs.

An avid student by nature, Heather loves to discover and study plant life. Heather’s favorite tree is the autumn brilliance serviceberry. An ornamental powerhouse, the autumn brilliance serviceberry boasts spring flowers, summer fruit and stunning fall color. She also enjoys old-fashioned purple flowers, especially false indigo. The hardy plant adapts to many different environments, blooms profusely in the spring and summer and develops unique bean pods that darken into the fall for continued interest.

When it comes to design, one of Heather’s favorite materials to incorporate is natural stone elements such as boulders, accent cubes and outcroppings. Mixing stone elements into a landscape bed elevates the visual appeal of a space by creating a clean, natural look.

Away from work, if the sun is shining, Heather is likely outdoors, often curled up with a good book in her hammock. She enjoys crafting and spending time with family and friends. A throwback to her floral roots as well, Heather likes to tour gardens and greenhouses when given the chance.