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josh appletoft arbor general foreman wright outdoor solutions

Josh Appletoft

Arbor General Foreman

Josh Appletoft grew up playing in the woods as a child and always loved climbing the neighborhood trees. After graduating high school, Josh went on to Iowa State University (ISU) and opted to pursue computer programming and web design, but quickly realized he missed the outdoors and knew that a job where he would spend large amounts of time on a computer was not the right fit for him. He changed majors and graduated with a degree in urban forestry.

During his time at ISU, Josh secured an internship with a tree company that turned into the perfect summer job. He worked as a groundman and learned the basics of tree climbing. After graduation, he moved to Kansas City and joined a tree care company there where his passion for climbing grew. Since then he has traveled around the Midwest participating in tree climbing competitions and honing his skills. Always striving to stay current, Josh loves to learn about the latest tree climbing techniques and share his wisdom with new climbers.

Joining Wright Outdoor Solutions in 2015, Josh works as an arbor general foreman, working on tree care and focusing on equipment management and training new team members on climbing techniques and development. As an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist, Josh loves to share his knowledge with not only team members but clients as well. His favorite tree is the open grown bur oak because of the spread, form and size.

When not at work, Josh loves to take in the great outdoors with his family, where they bike, swim and explore the metro’s many parks together.