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Kim Rieber

Landscape Designer

Kim Rieber has gardening and design in her blood! For the past three generations, Kim’s family has been involved in all things green. She believes that the power of a garden can have impact on not only your yard, but your life. Inspired by her mother, who was left with no eyesight or sense of smell after a long battle with cancer, Kim loves to create spaces that beckon people to their outdoor spaces. She designs with the intent to create an outdoor space that melts away stress, provides relaxation and brings happiness to all who enjoy it. Kim created a special place with those exact elements for her mother; a space filled with texture, sitting areas washed in sunlight for warmth, and alcoves protected from the wind for tranquility. The sensory garden Kim created for her mother inspired her to create similar spaces for children and retirement community residents. Kim’s philosophy is that an outdoor space is meant to be felt, tasted, seen and heard.

If Kim had to choose a favorite tree, it would definitely be the redbud. When the redbud comes awash in bloom, it’s a sure sign that spring is here! The contrast of the bark against the purple-pink flowers is striking. She also loves white flowers sprinkled throughout a landscape. Some favorites are daisies and hydrangeas. Kim loves a pop of white in a landscape because it makes all other hues seem bolder and brighter, and the way white makes the landscape come aglow at night.

Joining the Wright Outdoor Solutions team in 2017, Kim brought more than 30 years of green experience and knowledge to the team. She loves to design spaces around lifestyles and their intended use. Her specialty is shade gardens. Kim loves to bring life, texture, and color to spaces that often can be difficult to grow in.