Tree Limb & Structure Reinforcement

The structural integrity of a tree determines its strength and ability to withstand strong winds, storms, and heavy foliage. Included bark, codominant stems, and cavities can affect the stability of a tree and pose a hazard to surrounding people and property. By reinforcing weak branch attachment through cabling and bracing, stress and strain can be reduced, strengthening the tree and preventing structural damage.


As a supplemental support, hardware connecting parts of the tree to one another is installed in the upper third of the canopy. The connected limbs are stronger together and help support the tree against environmental stressors.


Often done in conjunction with cabling, bracing is an additional support measure used to reinforce trees with a weak union near the central leader, or trunk. Metal rods are strategically drilled into the tree near the weak union to relieve tension and build strength and stability.

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Do you feel you have a tree with structural concerns? It is always best to have an evaluation by an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist prior to treatment. Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive review of your tree’s health, structural strength, and more.