Stump Grinding

Why Should you Remove Tree Stumps From Your Yard?

As they decay, stumps attract unwanted pests and insects into your yard and provide a habitat for fungi, which can be dangerous for your pets and children. Left unattended, shrub, and tree stumps can pose a tripping risk and detract from your curb appeal over time as they decay. Additionally, non-ground stumps can leave room for adventitious, or volunteer, shrubs, and trees to sprout from remaining roots, further detracting from your curb appeal and causing damage to the surrounding yard.

Des Moines Area Stump Removal & Grinding Services

Ensure your lawn is free of unsightly, potentially hazardous shrub and tree stumps with our stump grinding service. From shrubs to trees, we have the equipment to remove any size stump as well as unsightly surface roots. Prior to work being done, our team will contact Iowa One Call to make sure the work space is free of underground utilities. Once the stump is removed, we backfill the space with soil and remove all grindings.

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If you’re tired of dodging pesky stumps while mowing or doing yard work, it’s time to get them removed. Contact the experts at Wright Outdoor today to schedule a consultation!