Tree Removal

Professional Tree Removal

While we always prefer to do what we can to preserve the health of your trees, sometimes removal is the only option to protect the rest of your trees, landscaping, or home. Tree removals are typically the best option when the tree has a condition that cannot be treated or has started to affect the health of other trees. Strategic tree removal can also help with light distribution in your yard and when done properly, can improve the health of your lawn, landscaping, and other trees.


Tree removal can be challenging, depending on the placement of the tree, power lines, or nearby buildings. Our International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborists are highly trained in industry safety practices and will assess the tree and space to determine which removal method will be the safest and most efficient.

Once the tree is removed, our crews will clean up any debris left behind and process it into mulch. We also can handle stump grinding.


Over time, the health of your trees is affected by environment, age, and weather conditions. Because of this, it’s important to learn how to identify warning signs in your trees and take action. To learn more about how to interpret warning signs in your trees, refer to our High Risk Tree Identification Guide.

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If you have a tree that you think may need to be taken down, contact Wright Outdoor Solutions for a tree risk assessment to determine your options for saving the tree or removing it altogether.