Garden Center In The Off-Season

Blog Category: Gardening
January 20, 2015 by Wright Outdoor Solutions

While our garden center may be in its “off-season,” this certainly doesn’t mean that we have a lot of down time on our hands! On the contrary, we’re busy preparing for the upcoming growing season and all the exciting things that come with it. Being prepared for every client that comes to the garden center is very important to us, and we want to make sure they have everything they need to make their landscape perfect in 2015. Here are some ways that we’re getting ready for the upcoming season…

Planning and Ordering
Early planning and ordering are critical steps when working with our growers. The garden center is now working to order plant material to have in stock for the coming season, and we’re taking special requests from clients so that we can source their special order plant material by the time they need it for their landscape.

We’re also working very closely with our landscape designers to make sure we order all the plant material that they will need for their spring, summer and fall projects.

The planning aspect takes into consideration which plant material needs to come to the garden center by what date. Once May rolls around, a lot of growers are sold out of plant material, which is why early planning and ordering is so important.

Keeping Up With Trends
Every year, the off-season gives us the opportunity to network and meet with various growers, keep up with trends, learn about new introductions into the market, and see which plants are performing well in the industry. This gives us the chance to provide our garden center visitors with a variety of options every time they come.

Prepping and Cleaning Up
Our team also preps and orders signage for all the plants and other garden décor to make sure that they’re properly labeled. We also clean up all of our benches, chairs, carts, containers, and the retail area so that everything looks fresh, clean, and ready for spring shoppers!

If you have a request for specific plant material, give our garden center a call at 515.987.6334. Our garden center opens April 17 – we’re already looking forward to another exciting growing season and hope you are too!