Landscaping & Maintenance

Full-Service Landscaping & Maintenance Services in Des Moines

Whether your property is residential or commercial, big or small, our full-service landscaping and maintenance team is ready to help, with services including landscape design and installation, residential and commercial property maintenance, bulk mulch and land clearing. Our job is to add value to your landscape and continue protecting and maintaining your investment – your job is to enjoy it!

If it’s outside and on your property, the Wright Outdoor Solutions team has the resources and expertise to make it beautiful and well-manicured, and keep it looking that way all year long. Family is our foundation, safety is at the forefront, and excellence is always our focus. With more than 90 years of experience in Central Iowa, your landscape is in good hands with us.

Landscape Design & Installation

From a simple retaining wall that accents your side yard to a complete renovation of your entire outdoor space, we have the creative design team you need who will work with you from concept to final touches to ensure that you love the end result. We have employees who are part of the National Association of Landscape Professionals, which means we are committed to delivering on the vision you have for your space, with unique designs custom to you.

Residential & Commercial Property Maintenance

Once your landscape has been installed, our work isn’t done. We have maintenance professionals who conduct ongoing and routine care to ensure that your space is maintained and continues to thrive. We have a passion for perfection and want to give you the peace of mind that your landscape is in the right hands.

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Learn more about Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Mulch Installation

While mulch is a highly functional addition to your landscape, is also aesthetically enhances your plant material and makes your landscape pop. We offer annual mulch installation services to freshen up your landscape, using locally-sourced tree products. You can also customize your mulch style and color to fit the needs of your project.


Your landscape is an extension of your home and deserves to be green, lush and well taken care of. Our team of irrigation experts will ensure you get a irrigation system that keeps your property healthy and thriving, no matter the season or the size. Not only is irrigation the most convenient way to water your lawn, it’s also the most efficient, making sure your landscape gets what it needs without over- or underwatering, which will save you time, water, money and provide peace of mind.

Schedule Your Landscaping & Maintenance Services

If you’re ready to begin your next landscaping project, get in touch with our team of design experts, and we can begin creating the landscape of your dreams. Or, if you need ongoing, routine care, short-term support while you’re away, or a one-time visit for pruning or weeding, our crews can be scheduled for visits to your property May through September.

Call Wright Outdoor Solutions to book the service that best fits your needs. In the meantime, get inspired and take a look at several featured landscaping projects our team has completed.