Interior Plantscaping

Reconnect to Nature with Biophilic Design

Bringing the great outdoors into your home or office with a local interior plant service is becoming more and more popular! Wright Outdoor Solutions is proud to provide gorgeous interior plant displays and plantscapes to Greater Des Moines and keep them looking great all year long. Our talented team provides full-service personalized interior plantscaping, including design, installation, and maintenance for both commercial and residential spaces in Central Iowa. Each member of our plant care team is trained and respectful of the inside of your home or office. We strive to exceed your expectations with unsurpassed customer service.

Our regular plant maintenance services include:

  • watering
  • fertilizing
  • dusting
  • cleaning
  • pruning
  • disease and pest control
  • plant replacements


We work closely with top growers and suppliers in the industry that source the highest-quality plants from the best nurseries to ensure that your indoor plantscape is a reflection of your taste. When selecting plants, we take into consideration the room lighting, temperature, space, and other interior décor. And we can help you select the perfect container to accompany it. We have a large selection to fit your space and plant selections.

In some cases where extreme temperatures and insufficient light exist, we use silk flowers in place of live. In fact, most of the interior plants we offer are available in silk.


We also offer flexible payment options to best suit your budget. You can select a leasing option and pay for plant material, containers, labor, and maintenance over an established time period. Or, you can select a purchase option, investing in the plants, containers, and installation fees upfront, leaving your maintenance fees for a monthly installment.

Benefits of Interior Plants

Whether for your home or business, interior plants improve air quality, absorb pollutants, reduce airborne dust, and absorb background noise, creating an inviting environment for any guest or employee.

Studies show that interior plants not only deliver aesthetic beauty, but in an office environment also increase employee productivity, cut down on employee sick days, impress clients, reduce office stress, and improve the health of their environment.

Our Des Moines Area Plantscaping Services


Whether you’re considering interior plants for the first time or just want to refresh what’s already in your space, our plantscape designers can create a custom layout with plants that will not only thrive in your space but enhance your environment.

With years of horticulture experience, our trained staff will take into consideration your home or office’s environment to customize your design. We’ll consider room lighting, traffic patterns, temperature, space, and other interior décor while ensuring that our products are of the highest quality. We have a large selection of acclimated plants and an assortment of beautiful containers in many shapes, sizes, and types of material to fit your space, budget, and desires.


After you’ve selected plants and containers for your unique space, our team gets to work preparing for installation. Once the plants and containers arrive at our warehouse, they undergo a full inspection, ensuring they’re in top condition.

Plants are transported to your location, positioned, and staged where specified in your approved design. Our team is committed to leaving your area just as they found it.


To ensure your plants continue to look their best long after installation, we offer plant maintenance services. On a weekly or biweekly schedule, our trained technicians provide watering, fertilization, dusting, cleaning, pruning, and disease and pest control as needed. In the event that a plant needs to be replaced, we’ll take care of that as well. We are dedicated to providing a worry-free service so all you have to do is enjoy your plants. We want you to feel secure in knowing that the interior of your home or office is always looking its best.


Limited on space or looking for a way to make a big impression? Our living wall installations take plants vertically, creating beautiful pieces of living art perfect for reception areas, meeting spaces, room dividers, and more. Filled with a variety of color and texture, each living wall is custom-designed to fit your space and style.


Our moss wall art installations are like custom paintings created with natural materials. Full of vibrant colors, textures, and beauty, we create custom arrangements sized to fit your budget and space. We can create smaller framed art style pieces or do larger installations that cover entire walls.

Our design team uses a mixture of real preserved moss, wood, and natural elements to create a one-of-a-kind piece that will add beauty to any space. The moss art and wall installations can be placed just about anywhere and require no sunlight or pruning. To ensure your moss piece is kept in peak condition, our team also offers cleaning, preservation and refurbishing.


Floral arrangements and colorful blooming plants can make a space or an event by adding color and dimension. With our color rotation program, we offer blooming plants and seasonal fresh floral displays that are sure to add a pop of color to your office, home, or special event. The arrangements make a great addition to board room tables and credenzas, reception areas, balconies, and more. The best part is your display is refreshed on a set schedule, so you always have something beautiful on display.

In cases where extreme temperatures and insufficient light exist, we recommend silk flowers, of which we have a wide variety. Our clients have access to nearly any kind of fresh-cut flower for arrangements as well.


Looking to add a little fresh color and texture to your next event? We offer plant rentals for several occasions. Learn more about our plant rental offerings.


When the holidays approach, our talented designers can create festive displays to make your space even more inviting. Whether it’s a single festive piece like poinsettias or garland, or a full display of trees, lights, and wreaths, our team has the eye to give your space exactly what it needs. We offer design, installation, removal, and storage. We can even create custom party décor and client gifts.

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