Employee Spotlight: Kathy Price

Blog Category: Announcements
March 4, 2015 by Wright Outdoor Solutions

Joining the Wright Outdoor Solutions team September of 2014 is Project Coordinator Kathy Price. Kathy loves Wright Outdoor Solutions because of the outdoor beautification services they offer. You will find her scheduling projects for personal gardening, landscaping, lawn applications, and snow removal services.

A South Central Iowa native, Kathy grew up on a farm and often played outdoors. Six months after moving to the city, she realized her desire to work in the green industry. Kathy finds her current position as project coordinator to be the perfect balance of the various types of work that she enjoys.

Around the office, Kathy has a knack for software systems and is known to be a team player who is always there to help. Although she is often behind the scenes, Kathy loves interacting with the customers. Plus, balancing the complexity of the different sciences to maximize results for the care of lawns and trees is a challenge she enjoys.

When not at Wright Outdoor Solutions, you can find Kathy keeping track of her teenage daughter.

She loves the foxglove flower because of its incredible beauty, and she loves the landscaping elements of stonewalls and ponds with waterfalls trimmed in lilacs, hyacinths, and creeping thyme.