Employee Spotlight: Cherie Dreier

Blog Category: Announcements
April 14, 2015 by Wright Outdoor Solutions

This month we’re featuring Cherie Dreier, receptionist and account payable clerk, who has been part of the Wright Outdoor Solutions team since September 2014.

Cherie has worked in accounting for most of her life. Her career started in financing equipment, and her experience has taught her how much she enjoys the analytical and problem solving side of it. At Wright Outdoor Services, Cherie is the friendly voice you hear answering the main phone line. She also manages accounts payable and receivable, and several other accounting functions.

She is known for her passion for accuracy in everything she does and enjoys interacting with customers and fellow employees. Around the office, Cherie is known for being friendly and competent, and her coworkers would describe her as a perfectionist. While she doesn’t claim to be artistic, she loves observing the creative process from beginning to end.

Cherie grew up on a small acreage by Saylorville Lake in Johnston. Growing up, she enjoyed camping and boating with her family and continues this hobby today. Additionally, she is an avid shotgun and handgun sports enthusiast. Cherie currently lives on a small farm where she raises horses and cattle and grows most of her own fruits and vegetables. Gardening in her own backyard heightened her interest in learning correct ways to care for her plants and working at Wright Outdoor has definitely helped equip her with this knowledge. She enjoys working at Wright Outdoor Solutions because it’s a family-oriented and fun place to work. Plus, the surroundings are so beautiful, she sees it as a joy to come to work every day.

Cherie’s favorite plants are the Christmas cactus and shamrock because they are easy to care for and have beautiful blooms. At home, Cherie has a large Christmas cactus that blooms several times a year!

Next month we meet Molly Betts, senior accountant!