Do You Have a Lot of Ground to Cover?

Blog Category: Gardening
May 22, 2015 by Wright Outdoor Solutions

No matter which way you look, chances are your neighborhood is sporting a lot of grass. Green, lush and thick grass. While beautiful, there’s always room for your lawn to have some character! Have you considered any alternatives? Groundcovers might be exactly what you are searching for!

Essentially, a groundcover is a plant that grows over an area of the ground. There are many advantages to using these unique plants.

  • By covering the ground with a carpet of vegetation, a groundcover will prevent the germination of many types of weeds.
  • It protects the soil from erosion and drought. In particular, groundcovers can be extremely useful on a steep slope.
  • Acting as an insulating cover, it will keep soil cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • It is living mulch which helps to build up humus levels in the soil.
  • Groundcovers can provide habitats and protection for beneficial insects and other living creatures.
  • Still not convinced? In addition, it provides a beautiful aesthetic to your landscape.


If you are interested in reducing the amount of mulch you need every spring, consider planting groundcover. Initially, the cost will be more, but over time you will actually save money. It does take groundcover two to three years to become fully established so patience is necessary. During this time, the groundcover you choose should be regularly monitored and appropriately tended to. Remember to water during dry periods.

The possibilities for how to use groundcovers are endless, but here are a few ideas to get you started. Use under a large tree where grass is sparse and roots protrude from the ground. A shade-loving groundcover to use is pachysandra or vinca vine. These will nicely accent your hostas and other shade-loving plants under your trees. If you have a hot, sunny area, use tough groundcovers such as sedums.

Some varieties we carry in the Garden Center include the following: Ajuga, barren strawberry, Euonymus, chamomile, Delosperma, Geranium, ivy, Lamium, Leptinella, moneywort, Pachysandra, Phlox, Plumbago, Sedums, thyme, Vinca minor, and many more!

If you are looking to retain moisture, prevent weeds and control erosion, groundcovers might be the answer. Plant material offers the same beauty as the traditional layer of mulch we typically use, but it also adds a layer of beauty. Choose from a variety of heights, colors and blooming seasons to add a unique element to your landscape!