6 Steps to Your New Landscape

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June 9, 2015 by Wright Outdoor Solutions

You’ve made the decision to makeover your landscape. Now what? We’ve put together a handy list to help you understand the process from idea to design to installation. Like your home, we want to create an outdoor space to not only reflect your personality but also to serve your needs. Because every space is unique, it takes time at every step of the process in order to turn your outdoor dreams into a reality. This list will help you understand where to begin and what to expect.


The first step in creating your new landscape is to identify your wants and needs. Collect photos, create lists of your favorite plants and identify your style to help us visualize how you see the space. We’ve created a list of things to consider here. It is important to prioritize your primary concerns and determine a budget. Depending on the extent of your plans, we might need to break down your project into phases whether that’s over several seasons or several years. Often, this is a budget-friendly approach to reach the outdoor space you envision.

Site Visit

Once you have an idea of what you want, give us a call! We’ll schedule an appointment with one of our professional landscape designers. Your designer will meet you at the project site to assess the project in greater detail. At this stage, the landscape designer will work with you to determine if your project requires a conceptual design or only a detailed design.

Please note: Appointments are typically Monday through Friday with limited availability on Saturdays.

Conceptual or Detailed Design

Whether you need a conceptual design or a detailed design, your landscape designer will contact you to schedule a review of the design. Remember: your designer is working hard to design a space best suited to your wants and needs. To achieve this high quality design, we ask for your patience in the design phase. In order to be thorough, it takes time to incorporate all of your ideas into the design. If we visited your site and you are still waiting on a design, it’s because we want to present our best work!

Before the meeting, measurements and elevation will be documented to create the most accurate design. During the conceptual design presentation, your landscape designer will show all major landscape features and spaces to you. If you are unsure of what you want in your space, we will present a few conceptual designs for you to choose the new features in your landscape. Now is the time to bring your questions, concerns and comments! Feedback is highly encouraged to make sure the final product aligns with your vision. Before moving forward to an estimate, materials and phases of the project will be determined.

If you have done your homework before scheduling a consultation and know exactly what you are looking for, a conceptual design may not be necessary. After a meeting to discuss your ideas, your landscape designer will create a plan and estimate the cost of the project. The plan will be presented to you with details for all of the landscape features. Minor adjustments or revisions might be necessary at this step, but that’s okay! We will work with you until all of the design features have been incorporated. We want you to enjoy your outdoor space for years to come so we will work with you until all of the details are incorporated in the project.

Project Approval

After you review the estimate and select the final design and materials, it’s time to move forward. Upon receipt of a down payment, your project is added to our installation schedule!


We will notify you of the anticipated start dates in advance. Our expert crews will install your project, and if necessary, we will coordinate subcontractors for certain pieces of the project. Don’t worry – your landscape designer will frequently check in on the progress of the project throughout the installation.


The last and final thing to do is use your outdoor space! We’d love for you to share your photos. Tag us on Facebook or Twitter and include the hashtag #LandscapeDoneWright. Or give us a positive review so others can enjoy a landscape makeover too!

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