Did You Know? Our Holiday Lights Design Process

Blog Category: Holiday Lights & Décor
November 12, 2015 by Jason Brauckman, Account Manager

Have you ever wondered what’s involved in the exterior holiday lights process? There’s a lot that goes into it that you might not know about…

The lighting design process begins with a consultation and tour of the property with the homeowner to get a feel for their vision. We take into consideration many different factors, such as budget, personal taste and electricity requirements to name a few. We know everyone is different and we want to ensure that everyone’s home is a reflection of them.

Our experts then share their opinions about what will look best for the home and maybe some popular trends that would work the homeowner’s roof lines and other factors.

Sometimes it’s the small things that make a difference, like hiding cords on shrubs. The extra little efforts like this can really set the property off and make for a dramatic effect.

It is our priority that homeowners are happy with the end result. We do our very best to ensure a high quality installation, but winter winds and heavy snow can cause issues and we know things like this happen, so that’s why our contracts include one service call at no charge. If a concern does arise after installation, our crew will come back out to resolve the concern.

Once the holiday season comes to a close and you’re ready to decorate for a new season, our crews return to dismantle the display and store your lights for the next season.

Do you prefer to get your holiday lights done for you or are you more of the Clark Griswold type? Either way, we hope your holiday season is a happy (and safe) one!