Hiring A Pro For Your Outdoor Space

Blog Category: Landscape Design & Installation
January 19, 2016 by Wright Outdoor Solutions

Thinking about a new outdoor space or revitalizing one you already have? You’re not alone! According to a May 2015 survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), 83 percent of Americans value having a yard. Many feel that the help of a landscape professional would improve the yard space they do have, and 47 percent wish they could hire a professional to help them.

If you are in the group that wishes to hire a professional for help, here are some things to know prior to meeting with a design professional:

1. Define the scope of work you want completed.
This is your chance to dream. However, you need to be as specific as possible to help the designer best understand your project.

2. Think about a realistic budget to discuss with your designer.
This is important to ensure the design fits your budget and reduces the number of revisions during the design process. Designs are often completed in stages, so think about your budget for each phase, as well as the whole

3. Identify your preferred styles and material.
Look at photos online, take pictures of spaces you like in and around your neighborhood, and browse home publications to identify styles and get ideas for your space. Share these with your designer and be ready to discuss what you like and dislike about them.

4. Have an open mind and be involved in the process.
Designing your outdoor living space should be a fun and exciting process. It will increase your home’s value and add more space for entertaining, relaxing and sharing in nature.

If you move forward with your new design, the process will evolve over a series of stages. To give insight into the stages and process, here is a summary of the steps our staff follows:

1. Preparation
Identify your wishes, needs and concerns. Determine your budget for each phase and the project as a whole. Bring copies of your current house or site plans.

2. Initial Consultation & Site Visit
The designer will meet with you on the specified site to assess the project in detail. The designer will determine if a conceptual design is needed or if the project is ready for a detailed design. The design fee will be set and expectations for the next stages reviewed. If a formal design is not necessary, the designer will work on a detailed estimate for your review.

3. Conceptual Design
If your project requires a conceptual design, you will meet with the designer to go over this first round design. Major features and spaces are defined, allowing for interaction and feedback to keep the process moving. The design fee is due at this time as well.

4. Design & Estimate
If your project did not require a conceptual design, you move from the initial consultation and site visit to this step. You will meet with your designer to review the detailed design and estimate for your space. Plant and hardscape materials are finalized and the estimate is refined to fit your budget for the first installation phase. If you did not have a conceptual design, the design fee is due at this stage.

5. Project Approval
After reviewing your estimate, you select the project(s) you would like to proceed with. A down payment is made and your project is added to the installation schedule.

6. Installation
You will receive notice of your anticipated start date several days in advance of our expert crews arriving for installation. Subcontractors are coordinated as needed and your designer will check on progress throughout the project.

7. Payment
Once your project is complete, you will be invoiced for the project less the deposit and design fee if applicable.

8. Enjoy
Now that your project is complete, it’s time to enjoy your revised space!

Once a landscape is transformed, you are bound to love your yard even more. For help in transforming your outdoor living spaces, visit us online or give us a call at 515.987.0800.