The Garden & Outdoor Living Horizon for 2016

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February 17, 2016 by Wright Outdoor Solutions

It’s hard to believe 2016 is already nearing two months in! As hopes of spring and summer are on the horizon (at least according to Mr. Punxsutawney Phil on Groundhog Day) we look ahead to what is expected this coming season. Various sites around the web and experts alike have commented on what they believe to be trending in 2016. Here’s a roundup:

Blog Post #108 - Technology

Technology Meets Dirt

Growers, gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts alike are turning to technology to plug the outdoors in, using apps for garden planning, plant watering and social communities to connect to each other. Some growers are also using technology to find ways to share their garden abundance with others. Sites such as and help connect growers with those searching for fresh produce.

Patio Outdoor Rooms For Living

Connecting with family and friends around fire pits, while playing lawn games and enjoying good food, is seeing a resurgence. People want to have great outdoor rooms for living and entertaining. Curious what your backyard style is? Take the outdoor oasis quiz from Better Homes and Gardens here.

 Blog Post #108 - Finding Your Place

Finding Your Place In The World

Lawn and landscapes are being driven more and more by their place in the ecosystem. Plant selections are being made based on their ability to protect the precious resources on planet earth. A focus on native selections that work with the environment in your space, not against it, are continuing to grow in popularity. Additionally, pollinator gardens are gaining traction as more and more people work to save the world’s pollinating species and provide ample plant life for them to be sustainable. If you’re curious about starting a pollinator garden, learn more here.

 Blog Post #108 - Fido Focus

Fido Focus

Pets are becoming more and more a main staple in the family tree and the lawns around us are starting to reflect that. A focus on rugged plantscapes that can live up to the playful nature of pets is taking hold. Sunset Magazine has a how-to for creating a dog-friendly garden. The use of more natural, less toxic, lawn and gardening treatments are also growing in use to help protect plants and humans alike from excess chemical exposure.

 Blog Post #108 - More Play

More Play, Less Work

Consumers are demanding dwarf and compact varieties of plant favorites for less maintenance. The rise of outdoor living means doing just that: more “living” in the space and less working in it. People want yards that are beautiful but require less back-breaking work to create.

 Blog Post #108 - Beyond Growing

Beyond Growing

Crafters have taken over the gardening scene and are gaining followers as they go. Gardening has become a full experience of growing for the purpose of crafting – a full sensory experience. Hops are grown for crafting beer, grapes are grown to make wine, apples to make cider and mint/herbs for tea. The farm to table dining trend also has gardeners of all types growing fresh herbs for the most flavorful zing that only fresh can offer. Learn how to host your own farm to table dinner here.

 Blog Post #108 - Light The Night

Light The Night

No longer does nightfall mean your landscape has to be lost to the dark. Specialized lighting and materials are being used more and more to turn your lawn into a dramatic world of light and shadow in the darkness of night. Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, has taken the night lighting concept to a whole new level with their Nightscape exhibit, set to reopen in August. Catch a glimpse of their garden here.

Do you foresee any trends taking shape in 2016? Share your predictions in the comments below.


Images courtesy of: Sahin, Kelly Boesch, James Ashby, Stefan Hatvanyi, Helmut Gevert, Michael & Christa Richert & Jereme Peabody