Summer Checklist – Maintain Your Iowa Garden In 6 Simple Steps

Blog Category: Landscaping & Maintenance
June 20, 2016 by Wright Outdoor Solutions

Today is the first official day of summer! Keep your landscape looking its best with our summer checklist for lawn and garden care.

Mighty Mulch

-Spread a two inch deep layer of mulch in your garden to protect the soil & roots from the sun.

Read our recent blog post about mulch to learn more about its benefit, how to calculate your needs, and what varieties we have.

Whack Those Weeds

-Weed often. It’s easiest to pull weeds when they are small, and this prevents them from creating seeds.

-Weeds are tough to pull out of parched, hot dirt. Plan to weed in the morning or after it rains, when the soil is damp.

Flower TLC

-Deadhead blossoms to promote flowering.

-Prune perennials to encourage blooming.

-Cut flowers in the morning when there’s extra moisture.

Water, Water, Water

-Make sure your lawn gets one inch of water per week during the hot summer months.

-Water the ground around plants rather than directly on the leaves.

Lawn Care

-Keep up with mowing. Regular mowing reduces weeds and keeps the lawn healthy.

Pro Tip: grass does best when you cut no more than a third of the blade’s length at one time.

Garden Harvest

-Pick your produce often, and when the veggies and fruits are small. This encourages more production.

-Pick produce early in the morning to yield fruits, veggies and herbs that are well hydrated.

-Add compost to improve soil structure and increase nutrient content.


Now that your chores are done, it’s time to schedule some fun! Click to download a free Summer Bucket List printable from Iowa Girl Eats, and make your list of things to do this summer.