Five Tips For Mindful Gardening

Blog Category: Gardening
September 14, 2016 by Wright Outdoor Solutions

Are you a haphazard gardener, using hostas you got from a friend’s yard just because she needed to get rid of them? Do you focus on filling your garden with plants, but have no real plan? Here are five tips to help you become a more thoughtful gardener.

Spend Time Planning

Particularly if you’re brand new to gardening, begin with a budget and a map. Be sure the plan includes room for expansion, and stage projects out in years. Remember: your garden is a work in progress.

Learn About Your Soil

Find out if your soil is clay, loamy, sandy, dry, or prone to flooding. You can then identify what type of foundation your plants have. Having the right soil type for the right plant is crucial to the success of the plant.

Observe The Environment

Spend time in your yard, observing how much sun different areas of your property receive at various times of the day. By choosing the appropriate sun exposure location, you’ll help each plant thrive.

Pick The Right Plants

Some plants tolerate a less-than-optimal environment for a period of time, but this stress can ultimately result in disease and premature death. Our Garden Center staff can help identify which plants are best suited to your space.

Choose Mulch Over Rock

Mulch offers many benefits for your landscape, including moisture retention and weed prevention. When mulch biodegrades, it also returns nutrients to the ground. Rocks aren’t a natural fit for plants and don’t offer the benefits of mulch.

Want help creating your plan or choosing the right plants? Give us a call or stop out to the Garden Center. Our team of experts will help you create a beautiful landscape for your property.