Interior Plant Spotlight: Kentia Palm

Blog Category: Interior Plantscaping
November 15, 2016 by Amy Lenning, Account Manager

Native to Lord Howe Island in Australia, the kentia palm (ken-tee-uh) is an excellent choice for indoor growing. Part of the Arecaeae family, the kentia is grown primarily on its native island, but is also cultivated in Hawaii and California. The slow growing palm is relatively easy to care for and adds color, height and texture to many areas, including hotel lobbies, restaurants, living spaces and office settings.

To learn more about the kentia palm, read on.

Botanical Name: Howea forsteriana

Common Name: Kentia palm

Characteristics: Upright palm with arching, dark green leaves. Characterized by a slender trunk topped with a canopy of dark green flowing fronds.

Size: Average about five to 12 feet tall when planted indoors. In its native habitat on Lord Howe Island, it can reach a height of 60 feet tall.

Environmental Needs: Kentia palms prefer warmer temperatures but can withstand temperatures as cool as 55 degrees Fahrenheit. They also prefer a high level of humidity. You can use a humidifier if needed or simply place the container in a tray filled with pebbles and water. Misting the foliage with water can also create the humid environment it desires. Once in an environment with adequate humidity and the right temperature, it is best to leave the kentia alone. They do not like to be transplanted unless they become root bound in the container.

Light Needs: Kentia palms prefer indirect morning light, but can tolerate lower light levels as well.

Watering Needs: Soil should be kept moist during the spring and fall seasons and kept drier in the winter months. When watering, make sure the entire root ball gets watered and then allow at least half of the potting mix to dry. Root rot will occur if proper drainage is not allowed.

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