Which Type Of Mulch Is Right For You?

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July 2, 2021 by Seth Balvanz

Maintaining and protecting your landscape investment requires careful consideration. Mulch is a sustainable and practical option to do just that. Adding mulch in your landscape beds each year provides a dramatic transformation to the appearance of your property, while also increasing your curb appeal and providing a foundation for healthy growth. Mulch has many benefits, including deterring weed growth, shading roots on hot days, retaining moisture for plants, preventing evaporation, providing protection against exposed surface roots, controlling erosion and returning nutrients to the ground when it biodegrades.

To dig into which mulch is the right type for your project, you need to determine what you’re hoping to achieve in your landscape.

Find the Right Mulch Type for Your Landscaping Project

Best Mulch for Curb Appeal

If you’re searching for a more aesthetic mulch material, we suggest using a finer grade mulch such as our double processed mulch product; it appears neater and biodegrades quickly. This mulch comes in natural dark brown, and the chips range from fine to 3 inches.

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Mulch to Prevent Weed Growth

If you’re searching for a product that will retain moisture and prevent weeds, we suggest single processed mulch. This mulch comes in natural, golden brown, dark brown, and black. The particles range from fine to 6 inches, provides long lasting results, and stays in place after installation.

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Construction Site Mulch

Going beyond landscape beds, mulch is also used often in construction projects, as a protection road for heavy construction equipment to not compact root systems while traveling over them. For projects like this, we recommend our utility mulch product, which is intended for non-decorative projects like during the construction phase of a project. This mulch comes in natural golden-brown and makes a great economical choice. It’s perfect for covering large areas in need of a weed barrier and moisture retention.

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While mulch is a highly functional addition to your landscaping, it also aesthetically enhances your plant material and makes your landscape pop. If you need assistance selecting the right mulch for your landscape, one of our mulch experts will walk you through the various types of mulch we offer as well as the color options that we have available. We’ll help you figure out what best suits your project.

To learn more about the types of mulch we offer and the color options available to you, visit our mulch page.

Calculate the Right Amount of Mulch You Need for Your Project

What’s in 1 cubic yard? 100 square feet, which equates to 27 cubic feet or 14 bags of mulch (2 cubic feet each).

100 square feet, which equates to 27 cubic feet or 14 bags of mulch (2 cubic feet each)   Mulch Square Feet Chart

To determine how many cubic yards of mulch you will need, determine the square footage of the area you need to cover and divide by 100.

Length x Width = Square Footage

Square Footage/100 = Cubic Yards

Expert Installation and Clean Up

Once your mulch is installed, our team will clean up the area and make sure it’s in pristine condition before leaving. We recommend reapplying mulch every year, as part of your routine maintenance or as a single service to make sure your landscape is always looking fresh and manicured.

Get High-quality, Locally-sourced Mulch In Des Moines

Whatever your mulch needs are, Wright Outdoor Solutions has something for you. Because we produce the mulch ourselves, we are knowledgeable about the process and have quality control over the product, so you can trust that your landscape is getting the very best. We aim to provide the best mulch from locally sourced tree products in our area. Contact us today to learn more about our mulch services and to talk to our mulch experts to get your landscape in shape for the season.

Not all mulch is created equal. Our mulch experts can install a variety of styles and colors of hardwood mulch on your property. Learn about how you can purchase bulk mulch.