Project Spotlight: Retaining Wall Transformation

Blog Category: Landscaping & Maintenance
August 24, 2021 by Seth Hansen

SERVICE: Landscape Design & Installation
LOCATION: West Des Moines, Iowa

Retaining walls, at first glance, might seem purely functional – just stacked stone, block or timber. And while they do visually transform the entire look of a property, retaining walls primarily serve as a functional element of a landscape, with their exact purpose depending on the project.

A retaining wall project in West Des Moines, Iowa, featured landscape design and installation services, including a hardscaping installation with a retaining wall and boulder wall, along with planting beds with plant material, grading, and new sod. The final result created a polished yet informal look for the homeowners, with curved lines and traditional-style plant material.

A mix of coniferous and broadleaf evergreens were used within the retaining wall landscaping, along with deciduous shrubs of varying heights, and perennials with a focus on color interest throughout the four seasons of the year.

This project was unique because the team had to come up with a creative way to replace the original timber wall along the driveway while avoiding going above heights where structural engineering would be necessary. Our solution saved the client time and money in the process. By moving the original wall out farther from the garage and into the lawn we kept from having to build higher and reduced the amount of soil that needed to be excavated for the reinforcement area and drainage excavation.


  • The project took approximately one month from start to end.
  • 58 individual plants were used.
  • 546 square feet of Rosetta Kodah wall blocks were used in the front and back, along with 420 granite edgers.
  • 5 square feet of wall blocks were used in front, 304.5 square feet of wall blocks were used in the back, and approximately 420 granite edgers were used.