Elevate Your Space With Moss Wall Art

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March 9, 2022 by Wright Outdoor Solutions
rectangular moss wall art hanging on brick wall

Looking to spruce up your home or office with a unique statement piece? Look no further than moss wall art! Made from sustainably sourced preserved moss, moss wall art comes in all shapes, sizes and colors to fit your aesthetic. Also known as green walls or vertical gardens, moss walls are the perfect solution to bring nature indoors without occupying floor space. The artwork can be crafted to cover entire walls or into smaller framed art style pieces. The best part is, there is no maintenance required for these one-of-a-kind creations. From kitchen nooks to mobile wall dividers, moss wall art may be the perfect touch to elevate your space.

Moss Varieties

The moss used in moss art pieces is collected by hand and treated in a sustainable manner to ensure continued moss growth in harvesting forests. Preserved specifically for art purposes, the moss utilized in our art pieces comes in a variety of colors and textures. Pillow moss, sheet moss and reindeer moss are popular varieties for moss art pieces, however there are multiple varieties available, offering an array of options to create a truly custom pieces for your space.

Care & Maintenance

Moss walls require no sunlight or pruning. To keep your moss looking fresh and vibrant, an occasional dusting and misting of water may be recommended. Strategic placement of your moss wall art is the key to its longevity. Moss thrives in environments with 45-65% humidity and it’s best to avoid placing in direct sunlight as sun exposure can cause fading and burning. To ensure your moss piece is kept in peak condition, our team offers refurbishing services following installment. With proper care, moss walls can last up to 10 years.


  • Beauty & Versatility
    Intentionally designed spaces combine beauty with function to create environments that foster a sense of comfort, peace and order. Beyond color selections and furniture placement, art selection and wall décor are just as vital to the overall aesthetic of a space. Moss wall art installations are highly versatile and are a great way to integrate biophilic design into a space to bring the natural world indoors.
  • Improved Air Quality
    Moss is a natural air purifier, even after being harvested and preserved. It absorbs and eliminates pollutants, carbon dioxide, and dust, converting them into the plant’s biomass. This natural process produces fresher, cleaner air to homes and offices.
  • Noise Reduction
    Vegetation, such as moss, naturally absorbs high-frequency sounds. Integrating a moss wall into home and office spaces may be a great option to improve concentration and productivity in a typically noisy environment.
  • Biophilia – Connection to Nature
    The biophilia hypothesis suggests that exposure to nature is a basic human need. Through the incorporation of plants and natural elements into a designed space, humans feel an innate connection. Biophilic design is on the rise in recent years, increasing happiness, productivity and well-being to those that occupy the space.
  • Humidity Stabilization
    Moss can aid in stabilizing and maintaining humidity levels. Moss absorbs moisture when humidity is too high and releases moisture back into the air when humidity is low.

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