Incorporate Winter Color Into Your Landscape

Blog Category: Seasonal Container Gardens
November 13, 2014 by Wright Outdoor Solutions

When thinking of a lawn or garden that’s full of lively colors and striking plant displays, spring and summer immediately come to mind. However, with the addition of winter containers, you can enjoy seasonal color throughout the year!

By selecting the right plant material in your garden to be utilized in your winter containers, they can look striking. Frost-proof pots with drainage holes are recommended.

Even though our Garden Center is closed for the season, we’re still busy designing and creating winter containers for clients! We love creating winter containers. This time of year is actually a great season to create arrangements and container displays. Flowers have disappeared, trees have dropped their leaves and shrubs have all gone dormant. As everything comes to an end for the growing season, these add a little life back into our landscapes. It makes for a warm invite at your front door when everything else seems cold and drab.

To create a winter container, we clean out all the dead annuals and fill the pot about half full of soil. If you have ceramic pots and are worried about them cracking, we recommend removing the soil and adding floral foam inside to hold branches in place. Then, we gather different types of greens and prune off a few branches of various conifers to add different textures and hues of green to the pots. Next, we add large branches of spruce and pine to fill the container and add height, and smaller branches of boxwood, juniper and fir to fill smaller spaces. For added flare, sometimes we put in sticks of red twig dogwood and curly willow and finish off the container with a few picks of holiday elements like red berries or a bow.

Our team can help you create winter containers with plants inspired by the season to complement your space. Containers and landscape beds can host plants with a variety of shapes and colors, and our team of plant experts will make sure you have a good representation of dimension, height and volume. If you know what you want to incorporate into your seasonal landscape – great! Or, if you’d like to have our team come up with a creative design and select the plants to match the season, we can do that too! Remember, just because the weather is cold, doesn’t mean you can’t stay inspired and incorporate the beauty of the season into your home and landscape.