What Is Personal Gardening?

Blog Category: Landscaping & Maintenance
July 23, 2015 by Wright Outdoor Solutions

Sometimes the only thing standing between you and a well-tended yard is time. If time is something you can’t seem to get enough of, personal gardening might be exactly what you need. We pulled together a few frequently asked questions about our personal gardening service. If you desire beautiful gardens and landscaping beds to complement your landscape, consider hiring our personal gardening crews to do the legwork for you.

Q: What is personal gardening?

A: Personal gardening is landscape garden management where our crews create and maintain beautiful garden and landscape beds for you to enjoy all season long. Our personal gardening services include seasonal containers, spring and fall cleanup, weeding, watering, pruning shrubs, transplanting or relocating plants, spraying rose shrubs and planting perennials and annuals. A crew will tend to the needs of your landscape so you don’t need to.

Q: What is spring and fall clean-up?

A: Depending on the season, we prepare your gardens and landscape beds for the upcoming weather. In the spring, we prepare your garden for the growing season. This usually includes removing debris from plants, refreshing mulch, applying compost to planting beds, and cutting back yellowing foliage on bulbs. The fall season requires preparing your plants for hibernation. Some tasks include creating seasonal containers, shutting down water features for the season, planting bulbs for spring blooms and removing leaves.

Q: How many people will tend to my beds and how long will it take?

A: Our crews generally consist of two gardeners. Depending on the size of your landscape, a visit can take anywhere from a half to a full day. With several Iowa Certified Nursery Professionals on staff, you can trust that our team has the training necessary to keep your gardens and landscaping beds looking neat and beautiful.

Q: How often should I schedule a personal gardener?

A: Customers can schedule our personal gardening service as often as they need. We recommend regular visits. Many of our customers schedule every two weeks. We are available for one-time visits – perfect when you are prepping for an out-of-town guest or an outdoor party. We can also provide on-demand services for pruning or weeding. Don’t forget to add us to your to-do list if you are heading out of town for vacation, as well.

Q: What are the benefits of personal gardening?

A: Aside from saving you precious time, a personal gardener who regularly visits your property knows and understands the needs of your landscape. Plus, we’ll notice if the conditions of your landscape change before it becomes a problem. If an issue does develop, a personal gardening professional can diagnose conditions and recommend appropriate treatments. We are happy to prune your shrubs for multiple blooms or rejuvenate or relocate plants when necessary so you don’t have to.

For more information about how you can benefit from our personal gardening services, call us at 515.987.0800.