For The Gardener In Your Life This Holiday Season

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December 9, 2015 by Wright Outdoor Solutions

Every gardener has their own favorite tools of the trade! Our Garden Center team has tried-and-true tools that are a must while out in the garden. With holiday shopping upon us, we thought we would share our favorites with you in case you have a certain gardening guru in your life that you are shopping for. And a bonus to shopping for these items now, they’re likely on sale since it’s the off-season!

 Soil Knife Soil Knife: We rarely use a trowel when planting. We find the soil knife to be the easiest hand tool to use when planting small perennials, annuals and containers. The forked tip and serrated edge makes it easier to dig and break up the soil.
Folding Saw Folding Saw: This handy tool quickly cuts through a plant’s roots and makes it a breeze to cut back perennials, such as hostas, in the fall, or when removing well-rooted annuals to change your pots for the seasons.
Pruners Pruners:  Since you are constantly squeezing them with your hand, you need to find a pair that feels comfortable and isn’t too big. Big, heavy or awkward pruners will quickly wear out and cramp the muscles in your hand.
Pocket Knife Pocket Knife:  This pocket knife is spring-assisted and opens with a seat belt cutter and has a mini LED flashlight attached. It might sound a bit overkill but all the features serve a functional purpose. The spring-assisted opening feature allows you to open the knife with one finger. The seat belt cutter actually works great when quickly cutting twine or rope, and the flashlight is a life-saver this time of year when it gets dark so early and you forget something outside.
 Garden Sharp Blade SharpenerThis handy blade sharpener is easy to use. It is very important to keep your blades sharp! Nothing is more frustrating than trying to cut something with a dull blade.
Gardening Pouch Gardening Pouch:  This gardening pouch is comfortable enough to fit on your belt and big enough to keep all your essential tools with you at all times. It’s also made of a strong plastic mesh and easy to clean.

Gift cards to Wright Outdoor Solutions make a great addition to these items and are also perfect for that gardening guru on your list. To order one, give us a call at 515.987.0800.