Plant Spotlight: Little Quick Fire Hydrangea

Blog Category: Gardening
July 1, 2016 by Wright Outdoor Solutions

During the month of July in our Garden Center, we will be highlighting the Little Quick Fire hydrangea. Read on for more information on this plant spotlight.

Botanical name: Hydrangea paniculata ‘Little Quick Fire’

Plant type: Deciduous Shrub

Height: Medium growth at 36-60 inches

Spread: 36-60 inches

Bloom time: Blooms on new wood from early through late summer

Bloom colors: White blooms turn to pink in late summer

Zones: 3a through 8b

Sun exposure: Part Sun to Sun

There are 70-75 species of hydrangeas, a flowering plant native to southern and eastern Asia, and the Americas. Various species bloom in different colors, including blue, red, pink, and purple, and there are even methods to adjust the color of the blooms.

Our July plant spotlight, the Little Quick Fire hydrangea, is a variety native to China and Japan, and produces white blooms that turn pink in late summer.

Due to its small size, the Little Quick Fire hydrangea, a dwarf form of the Quick Fire hydrangea, can fit into almost any landscape in a mixed border or foundation plant. Due to its early blooming cycle, about a month before other hydrangeas, you’ll enjoy an extended flowering season.

Hydrangeas do best if planted in the spring or fall. If planting your hydrangea this summer, give it extra water so it can establish a firm root system.

Stop out to the Garden Center during the month of July and take advantage of 20 percent off Little Quick Fire hydrangeas! Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can help you find what you’re looking for. Not interested in the Little Quick Fire hydrangeas? We have tons of other varieties and sizes, including the standard size Quick Fire hydrangea, as well as Let’s Dance Rhythmic Blue, Limelight, Little Lime, and more, while supplies last!