Spring Clean Your Houseplants!

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March 23, 2017 by Wright Outdoor Solutions

Spring cleaning on the brain? Don’t forget to include houseplants on your list! Dust and household particles can collect on the surface areas of the leaves, making it hard for plants to breathe.

It is important to clean your plants every few months. By giving your plants a fresh cleaning, you recharge them for future growth. The best part about cleaning your houseplants is that it can be as simple as a shower! Ready to get cleaning? Read below for some simple methods.


You can put smooth leaved plants in your shower for a deep cleanse. Plants with fuzzy leaves, cacti and succulents should be cleaned more lightly, however. The shower deep cleans plants, limiting insect infestation and flushing out fertilizer residue. It also has the benefit of allowing the water to penetrate the roots, giving your plants a nice tall drink of water. Since the shower can make your plants pretty wet, make sure to let the leaves dry completely before returning to their place inside your home.

Sponge Bath

If giving your plants a shower is not ideal or not suited for your specific plant, another cleaning method that works great is a sponge bath. With a bucket, warm water, and some clean cotton cloths, you will have fresh plants in no time. Simply fill a bucket or bowl with warm water, submerge a clean cotton cloth and swish around. Wring out the cloth and gently clean the leaves. Once you have cleaned all the leaves with the damp cloth, take another dry cotton cloth and gently wipe off any excess water. Always make sure to support the leaves with one hand and use the other to clean with. This adds support to the leaves and helps prevent breakage.

Cacti, Succulents & Fuzzy Leaves

For cacti, succulents and fuzzy leaved plants, lighter cleaning methods are needed. If you feel like water is needed for cleaning these plants, use the sponge bath method. Too much water on these plants can harm the protective surfaces they have developed for the arid conditions of their origin. A can of compressed air is a great tool to have when cleaning such plants and allows for easy dusting. Plants with fuzzy leaves, such as the African violet, can be dusted with a soft bristle paint brush, toothbrush or pipe cleaner.

See how Martha Stewart cleans houseplants here. If cleaning your houseplants has you wondering about other ways to care for your houseplants, check out my tips and tricks.

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