The Return Of The Fern

Blog Category: Interior Plantscaping
July 13, 2017 by Wright Outdoor Solutions

Around for millions of years, the fern is a longstanding favorite for both outdoor and indoor gardens. Most people are very familiar with the Boston fern, but there are several other varieties available with varying texture and color. The revival of terrariums has put ferns back in the spotlight, which is very fitting for the year of Greenery. Ready to re-think the fern as you know it? Read on for two fun varieties.


Heart Fern

Heart ferns do great in small spaces and enclosed terrariums. Native to Asia, the heart fern has fuzzy stems with thick, leathery leaves that grow to about 2-4 inches in size. Heart ferns prefer low lighting, warmer temperatures and a high level of humidity.


Holly Fern

Named for the holly shaped leaflets, the holly fern has dark fronds on slender curved stems. The fronds can grow to 2 feet in size, spreading out rather than up as they grow. Holly ferns need bright, indirect light and must be kept moist at all times with moderate humidity. Holly ferns can periodically get shaggy, so feel free to prune as needed.


Some general tips for fern care:

  • Avoid placing near south or west facing windows as those areas can become too hot.
  • Most fern varieties are from tropical regions where humidity is high. Homes tend to be very dry, so it is important to increase the humidity around your fern to mimic the tropical environment they are used to. To boost moisture, you can create a humidity tray.
  • Do not allow the soil to get soggy.
  • Provide ample air circulation around the fern.


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