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June 27, 2019 by Kim Rieber, Account Manager/Design Team Leader
pink elf hydrangea close up

No matter the time of year, it seems I’m always thinking about how I can continue enhancing and perfecting my outdoor space – adding more edible containers to my patio, planting another tree or two, extending my planting beds, or finding another spot to install a hanging basket. There are endless projects I’m daydreaming about whether it’s the middle of winter or the end of summer.

My favorite thing to do when I get the itch to tackle a project on my property is to hop on the Shop Monrovia online plant catalog. The site lets you browse plants and special order direct from the comfort of your own home. You can shop for plants that grow and thrive in our central Iowa climate which helps ensure that the plants I choose will survive the ever-changing temperatures we often receive here.

I search for plants based on our plant hardiness zone and filter by the specifics that relate to my project like when I need a plant that requires partial shade, or a tree that can survive in a poorly drained area of my yard. You can also search by the season you want the plant to flower, desired flower color, preferred flowering season, growth rate, and so much more. The tool does the work for you and makes sure you’re finding exactly what you’re looking for – all while sitting on your couch!

Shipping is always free, and Wright Outdoor Solutions is a verified pick up location, so your plants will be delivered right to our location, and we’ll call you when they arrive so you can pick them up.

If you are more of a DIY-er and want to plant and care for your plants yourself, check out our printable plant care guide and water guide that offer details on how to be successful to let your plants thrive! If you want help planting and caring for your plants, we’re here to help. Give us a call at 515.987.0800 to chat with one of our team members.


Here’s how to Shop Monrovia in four simple steps!

  1. Shop Online

Shop for plants from the comfort of your home. Select from nearly 800 varieties specifically zoned for our area (zones 5a and 5b). Filter results by light and water needs, flowering season, color, key features and more. Plants ship when ready, which can be up to three to four weeks, as bloom time, weather and other conditions can vary. If you place your order during the winter months, Monrovia will care for your plants until spring, then ship them to Wright Outdoor Solutions for pick up during prime time for planting.

  1. Select Wright Outdoor Solutions for Delivery

At checkout, select to have your plants shipped direct to Wright Outdoor Solutions. Shipping is always free!

  1. Pick Up Your Plants

Once your plants arrive, a member of our team will contact you. You can pick up your order in person or arrange for delivery for an additional fee.

  1. Plant and Enjoy

Prior to planting, make sure to read the information label attached to your plant material, which includes step-by-step planting instructions and additional care information.

Our team loves to talk all things gardening, so please reach out if you have additional questions about your plants!