Bring Your Next Event to Life

Blog Category: Interior Plantscaping
September 24, 2019 by Amy Lenning, Account Manager
montage of various indoor plant container options for a corporate office or event

Here’s a trend we’re loving right now: plants at events. There’s just something about seeing lush foliage center stage at a special event, and for good reason. Not only are plant designs beautiful and eye catching, they provide warmth and intimacy to an otherwise sterile space and are good for the air as well. In short, plants can make any event come to life, whether it’s a trade show, corporate engagement, wedding or even a special gathering in your own home!

Ideas We Love

One sure way to transform a space is to add vignettes of lush greenery. Here are a few ways to incorporate this trend at your next event:

  • Set The Stage: Plants and living displays can create an inviting backdrop or a stand out focal point. Use on stage, as décor for VIP and hospitality tents, convention booths, altars, or amazing photo backdrops for your guests.
  • Define Your Space: Plants can bring warmth and interest to an otherwise impersonal space like an event center or conference room. Use plants to make entrances or seating areas inviting, define traffic flow and line aisles, or act as a natural divider to break up large spaces.
  • Make An Impact: We’ve seen plants make a big impact in home staging – a few strategically placed plants in a room can really liven up a space, and they look great in photos too!

Create The Mood

Bringing plants into your event space ensures you are making it your own. You can use plants in endless ways to set the mood.

  • Create a tropical feel with dracaena, palm, bird of paradise or bromeliad for an added pop of color.
  • Go modern with black and white planters. Use plants with defined lines like sansevieria.
  • Create a natural and whimsical setting with moss, stones and orchids, or vining potted plants on tabletops.
  • You can easily create a bohemian look with ferns and succulents.
  • Looking for a garden party aesthetic? Bring potted blooming plants and small trees like ficus indoors to create a lively but comfortable, easy going atmosphere.

Logistics Made Easy

As if you need another reason to love plant at events, our interior plantscaping team makes logistics easy. We create custom plant design for your next memorable moment. You choose from an assortment of lush foliage and our design team does the rest. Our plant rental services include both the plants and planters, and we’ll work with you to make sure everything fits your space, budget and desires. For a stress free set up, we can transport to your location, position and stage where specified in your approved design and remove them after the event – and you won’t have to lift a finger!

To learn more about how to incorporate plants into your next event, click here.