Project Spotlight: Commercial Holiday Lights In Waukee

Blog Category: Holiday Lights & Décor
September 12, 2020 by Wright Outdoor Solutions
corporate office holiday décor graphic including an exterior image of the large office building with holiday lights and image of the lobby Christmas tree

SERVICE: Exterior Holiday Lights and Interior Holiday Décor
LOCATION: Waukee, Iowa

Wright Outdoor Solutions provided exterior holiday lights and interior holiday décor to a commercial client in Waukee, Iowa, for the second season in a row.

Interior: The client wanted a 20-foot-tall decorated tower tree in an area of their building that had floor to ceiling windows so the tree could be enjoyed by employees but also visible to passersby along the road. Because of its height and it being an indoor installation, the primary concern for the team every year is ensuring the tree is installed safely. This year, a crew of eight members completed the installation over the course of 52 hours, with some work completed offsite prepping the décor and loading materials into the installation vehicles.

What makes the interior of the project unique is the use of colors outside of the typical Christmas tree, including copper, sparkly light green, silver and white, with warm white lights. Amy finds the fun comes from tweaking the design every year to keep it interesting and new for the client and employees in the building. She also enjoys hearing all the compliments and see people stop and take pictures of the tree as they pass by.

Exterior: In addition to the interior tree, Wright Outdoor Solutions provided white exterior lighting that lined the two main parts of the rooftop. The crew completed the exterior work in eight hours.

Fun Facts: The tree had 8,450 LED lights and 15,748 greenery tips.