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May 14, 2021 by Amy Lenning, Account Manager

Return To The Office With Indoor Plantscaping

As businesses across the globe made major adjustments to their daily operations during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 – and continuing well into 2021 – there was a palpable shift in how we viewed the workplace. Brick and mortar buildings with walls, cubicles, offices, desks and conference rooms temporarily gave way to spare bedrooms, basements, and kitchen tables.

To bring life and beauty to this new “workplace,” many individuals purchased houseplants for a pop of green. Novices and seasoned plant parents alike purchased plants of all shapes and sizes, leading to a revitalization of the houseplant industry. As a return to the office is in motion, employers are working on calculated and strategic plans to welcome employees back into the office with some comforts of home that many became accustomed to, including the integration of indoor landscaping.

Office Plants With A Purpose

In an effort to welcome employees back in the right way, improve the client and employee experience within their own walls, and accommodate employee safety, security, and peace of mind, many companies have taken drastic steps, like redesigning and remodeling their buildings. However, drastic steps aren’t always necessary to make a large impact on the well-being of a workforce and those coming back to the office. Small changes, like adding desk and floor plants, living walls, blooming floral arrangements, moss wall installations, plant wall dividers, botanical and succulent bowls, plant vignettes and more, are practical and realistic options that can make drastic improvements to your environment and impress anyone who enjoys the space.

Giving Employees Green Energy Through Biophilia

Studies show that interior plants not only deliver aesthetic beauty, but having plants inside is proven to:

  • filter the air
  • reduce employee absenteeism
  • create even faster learners
  • cut down on employee sick days
  • improve health and feeling of well-being
  • reduce stress levels
  • provide mental restoration and reduce fatigue
  • increase creativity, productivity and engagement
  • impress clients

These benefits are becoming increasingly obvious to employers, and there’s a rise in biophilia in workplaces across the country, which is the incorporation of plants and other outdoor elements into indoor spaces. Plants give employees energy through the enhancement of their environment, and there’s data to back that up.

Des Moines Living Walls and Moss Walls

Moss walls and living walls are trending right now, especially as so many businesses look for unique ways to spruce up their workplace for employees starting to migrate back into the office. Whether it’s a living wall used as a space divider for distancing or a moss wall as a one-of-a-kind piece of art in your lobby, bringing in more plant life has shown to have great air quality benefits and be more inviting for employees and guests.

Living and moss walls are unique in that they give you the opportunity to take plants vertical which not only saves space but is a striking piece of living art that can elevate the look of a conference room or lobby. Our design team can create a one-of-a-kind, vibrant piece that will add a wow factor to any space.

Maintenance-Free Interior Plants

Our maintenance services ensure that you won’t have to lift a finger and your plants stay looking their best long after installation, with a weekly or biweekly maintenance schedule. From watering, fertilizing, dusting, cleaning, pruning, and disease and pest control as needed, we take care of your plants and provide worry-free services so all that you, your employees and guests have to do is enjoy the plants.

Schedule An Interior Plantscaping Consultation

Learn more about bringing beautiful color and fresh greenery into your office, and get started with one of our plantscape designers today! We can discuss ways we could incorporate some custom pieces into your workspace that fit your style, environment and budget. Each member of our team is trained and respectful of your office and strives to exceed your expectations with unsurpassed customer service. Get some green inspiration by visiting our interior plantscaping gallery.