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April 18, 2022 by Wright Outdoor Solutions

Continuing our series on drought weather conditions, this blog post will explore lawn care. Home and property owners will notice their lawn darkening in color, wilting, and become brittle during times of drought. Proper lawn maintenance throughout the year can help keep your lawn healthy during dry times. 


Lawn aeration is a common practice in maintaining a beautiful lawn. Home and property owners that struggle with poor soil, improper drainage, or other turf issues can greatly benefit from professional aeration services. Aeration is the process of coring the soil or puncturing specified holes equally across your lawn. The removed cores are left on the lawn to break down naturally.

While aeration can greatly negate the impact of droughts, it should never be performed in the midst of a drought. Aerating should be performed during the peak growing period so that the grasses can recover quickly. Aeration provides several benefits to the health and beauty of your lawn including air circulation within the soil, increased water intake, heat and drought tolerance, reduced soil compaction and more. Learn more about all the benefits of aeration here. Each benefit stimulates the grass to grow thicker and denser, rejuvenating the beauty of your lawn.


Regular mowing is effective in keeping a nicely manicured lawn during the spring and fall months, however, in times of drought it is beneficial to skip mowing. Droughts stunt the growth of grass from the lack of water and mowing can damage it further.


Fertilizing is important in growing healthy lawns. Fertilizers provide nutrients such as potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen, helping grass grow. Without fertilizers, nature may struggle to replenish these nutrients in the soil. The correct timing of fertilizer applications is very important. Fertilizer should not be applied during times of drought as the roots can become increasingly stressed trying to maintain the life of the plant.

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