Drought Weather Conditions – Watering

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May 3, 2022 by Wright Outdoor Solutions

Continuing our series on drought weather conditions, this blog will explore proper watering techniques. Water is essential to the life of all vegetation and the availability of moisture for plant life transitions from season to season. Lack of moisture can lead to stunted growth, increased chances of disease and winter injury, scorching and wilting, to name a few. During times of drought, home and property owners should focus on the most efficient practices of watering.

Watering Lawns

Instead of frequent watering of your lawn, it is best to water deeply, infrequently and to do so in the mornings. Water should only be applied as fast as it can be absorbed. Puddles and run off are indicative of over watering. Key indicators that your lawn needs watering include your lawn becoming brown in color, a lack of density in turf, bare patches of soil, and soil that appears to be cracked.

Watering Perennials & Annuals

During times of drought, annual flowers should be watered daily while perennial flowers can be watered once per week. Keep in mind that the roots require water, not the branches or foliage. Water in a slow, steady trickle, making sure to focus on the base of the plant. It is best to water flowers in the early morning and evening to allow the roots enough time to absorb moisture before or after the heat of day. If the plant begins to show signs of dryness (pale, wilted flowers or foliage) or the soil has dried out in the first inch or two below the surface, increase the frequency of watering.

Watering Trees & Shrubs

Watering practices of trees and shrubs during times of drought is dependent upon the species size and root ball size. Slow, deep watering is ideal for mature trees and shrubs but the frequency of watering can vary. It is best to consult with one of our professional landscapers or certified arborists to determine the watering needs of your trees and shrubs.

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